Producing organism:

Streptomyces sp.



Clinical use:


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3 Reference(s)

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Title Author Journal Year Volume Page
The structure of arglecin, a new metabolite of Streptomyces. S. Umezawa; K. Tatsuta; T. Tsuchiya; H. Umezawa; H. Naganawa Tetrahedron Letters 1971 259-262
Arglecin, a new microbial metabolite. Isolation and chemical structure. K. Tatsuta; T. Tsuchiya; T. Someno; S. Umezawa J. Antibiotics 1971 24 735-746
Revised structure for arglecin. K. Tatsuta; T. Tsuchiya; S. Umezawa; H. Naganawa; H. Umezawa J. Antibiotics 1972 25 674-676