Producing organism:

Streptomyces sp. MC41-M1, MC340-A1



Clinical use:


Class no:

2 Reference(s)

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Title Author Journal Year Volume Page
A new microbial metabolite, sphydrofuran. I. Isolation and the structure of a hydrolysis product. S. Umezawa; T. Usui; H. Umezawa; T. Tsuchiya; T. Takeuchi; M. Hamada J. Antibiotics 1971 24 85-92
A new microbial metabolite; sphydrofuran. II. The structure of sphydrofuran. T. Usui; S. Umezawa; T. Tsuchiya; H. Naganawa; T. Takeuchi; H. Umezawa J. Antibiotics 1971 24 93-103