Aplasmomycin_1 Aplasmomycin_2

Producing organism:

Streptomyces griseus SS-20



Clinical use:


Class no:

3 Reference(s)

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Title Author Journal Year Volume Page
Studies on marine microorganisms. V. A new antibiotic, aplasmomycin, produced by a streptomycete isolated from shallow sea mud. Y. Okami; T. Okazaki; T. Kitahara; H. Umezawa J. Antibiotics 1976 29 1019-1025
Structure of aplasmomycin. H. Nakamura; Y. Iitaka; T. Kitahara; T. Okazaki; Y. Okami J. Antibiotics 1977 30 714-719
New antibiotics, aplasmomycins B and C. K. Sato; T. Okazaki; K. Maeda; Y. Okami J. Antibiotics 1978 31 632-635