AB3217-A, -B, -C

AB3217-A, -B, -C_1

Producing organism:

Streptomyces platensis AB3217



Clinical use:


Class no:

2 Reference(s)

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Title Author Journal Year Volume Page
AB3217-A, a novel anti-mite substance produced by a strain of Streptomyces platensis. K. Kanbe; Y. Mimura; T. Tamamura; S. Yatagai; Y. Sato; A. Takahashi; K. Sato; H. Naganawa; H. Nakamura; T. Takeuchi; Y. Iitaka J. Antibiotics 1992 45 458-464
Isolation and structures of two novel anti-mite substances, AB3217-B and C. K. Kanbe; A. Takahashi; T. Tamamura; K. Sato; H. Naganawa; T. Takeuchi J. Antibiotics 1992 45 568-571